I don’t know about you but…

I like patterns & prints & textures & details & differences & colours & embroidery & effects that feel in many certain ways both to the touch & to the eyes.

Have you ever held your palm just above the surface of a cold running stream? Or ran your fingers against the grain in wood? Or followed the grain with a finger? Or felt the bark of a tree? The touch of rust? The difference in metals? The moisture of moss?

In a childish way perhaps, these are quiet curiosities to me.

It’s also quite interesting to me that with a pattern design it’s possible to make that pattern appear to have the texture where it is three or even multi- dimensional when in reality, it’s flat, flat as flat, like the world was once thought to be.

These here are a few of my pattern designs. It’s developing into an obsession. There’s more to say & I shall be back as these pattern designs are meant as covers for mobile phones- all sorts of gadgets.

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