The originals were taken & refined again into these very, very textually smooth black & whites.

But this reductio of all colour, I don’t think black is a colour by the way but rather an absence of all colour but anyway, this reductio of colour where colour was present isn’t what I was looking for in Norwegian Wood so they were unrefined & refined again differently again & again into what you see now as the Norwegian Wood collection.

I am very happy with the details, with the gentle colour gradation as though a single frame from a motion picture, the one frame from that which is fluid & in motion, can you imagine? Both the colours & the form. Beautiful.

& see too the textures of rough, corner, smooth & curve.

I, I hope you like them & I hope you like the ideas behind Norwegian Wood.

It was & is for me explorative to say nothing else but chances are :) I will.

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