I like my Vodka Nordic, Absolut; straight & ice cold. Let me explain… 

But moving quickly away now from alcohol, which is a serious hazard for an artist of any walk really meaning to get anywhere by the way & onto the concepts & feel of this collection.

The Norwegian Wood collection, it’s a refinement, it’s the end collection of only a few of a series of earlier, independent & stand alone collections. So in effect, to be geeky or really just precise, this collection is a distillation. What you are looking at has been distilled 5 times & into what?

To me? Where to start…?

Something smooth. Simple & clear. Defined. Modern & yet slightly angular. Slightly awkward. Smooth & yet slightly peculiar & by corners, rough.

All revolving around the beauty of beingness. To simply, be, at least as a starting point, a point of reference.

There’s a lot more to say & a lot more to come…

…isn’t it good, Norwegian Wood?

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