I am a big fan of graphic art, graphically designed art- all visual art is graphic by definition but I’m meaning digitally created & designed art.

& there is a lot of very good digitally designed graphic art & artists around!

I am new to this skill & I do like not to dabble but to experiment with different techniques, with different effects, in a way & to the side, I as a visual artist am always learning & not simply for the sake of it but it’s good & exciting I find to try different arts. Adventuring into something creatively new or different from watercolours like sculpture for example & then bringing what you’ve learnt back to watercolour can have incredibly aesthetic & positive effects.

I originally started with acrylics & oils & watercolours, watercolours of which particularly were some of my best work & here I am learning with the digital.

There I go rambling on again.

Here are some of my digital creations, done simply I enjoy it & although I can bring these skills into better stencils & stencil effects these were made too with the intention for communication lines & their covers.

I hope you enjoy them.

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