Now there is that, yes. That’s all true.

But also I wanted to create upon the beauty or elegance of simplicity or rather, simple beauty, simple elegance. The beauty of form; a pretty face, a tranquil moment, a thoughtful look, a smile, a laugh, a seductive pose, hair that’s caught in the wind, the desire in a dress, the beauty of a child with a quill, looking to express.

I wanted to create first & foremost what was simply pleasurable to look at. Within a mimimal & stencil style that is. Nothing that much more to it really. In a way a lot of these originals are portraiture in nature & that’s fine too.

I just like it.

If beauty were an abacus, then I am a child learning to count. In a way I don’t care that it makes sense or why it’s beautiful, to me it just is.

You could say that each bead is a bead that can be moved from one side to the other on the gradient scale that is beauty.

In a world of a lot of beauty it’s very easy to overlook that beauty.

Have you ever noticed that when you take a flower, lets say you pluck a daisy from a field of daisy’s, you start to notice all the beautiful & wonderful things & details about that one daisy? & then realise that no 2 daisy’s on the planet are the same!

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