Beingness, to be; it’s a wide & massive adventure.

This collection of original paintings, spray painted using stencils is all about the simplicity & potential of beingness, nearly completely independently of anything else.

The & that decision to be.

A point of view & a point from which to view. Fascinating!

In this collection I wasn’t looking at particular actions that relate to beingness but just & firstly the thought, the idea, the decision, that one characteristic to be & its immediate space.

To be, to be what?

Feminine. Free. Masculine. Strong. Young. Childish. A child. Vulnerable. A writer. A man. A woman. Oneself. Or the game of not. Cool. Flamboyant. Reserved. Quiet. Thoughtful.

& what all these things mean to you are what they mean to you. That’s very interesting. What rules are there really to all this?

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