Jul 14


As to the eyes as Lavender perhaps to the smell.

Purples & pinks & golds & all the shades of each imaginable & rhyming together in what you could call; a harmony, a symphony even, a wonder.

Here is a collection of patterns & designs show cased on the backs of the latest & greatest iPhone 5, as covers.

I’ve named them as a wave in a loving ocean. JasMinE.

Again I find myself writing very little of what to me is an enormously beautiful lot. In Jasmine there is to me also the sense of coarse against the sublimely smooth.

The Jasmine collection is & means many things to me really & it’s infinitely more than simply an artistic collection.

It’s a lovingness is what it is. Something heavenly to the senses, to the soul, to me.

Here as patterns & designs, it’s an abstract but it’s far more than a concept, it’s tangible. Like you or I.

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