Getting onto communication lines!

A friend, a close friend, probably my best friend & to me a Nordic man once well, actually quite a few times- he asked me to get onto the communication lines of the word, so, I did. There was a bit more to it, but, yeah. But I still did & the below collection are a few of my designs for covers & the result.

This isn’t quite what he meant but the mornings & nights are young are they not?

Well really, this passion & thirst for both pattern, textured designs & graphic designs specifically on the backs, corners & sides of mobile phones both is & isn’t exactly what he meant in his request ay my duties which is why it makes me laugh a little & chuckle. & that’s nearly always a good thing!

Truth be told, this really isn’t the reason why or my answer although I will say it is definitely an articulation of it but, the idea & thought & story in particular really makes me smile.

I find it both childish & endearing. I find it good & healthy to not take life too seriously.

Figuratively speaking, I don’t spend much of my time sober…

As you can probably tell.

I’ve sold a stack of these to the Americans, which I am happy about & if you’d like one or a custom design then please, let me know & I’ll oblige.

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