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1. Is the artist available to meet personally to discuss projects & commissions? 
Yes,  simply make contact with as many details as you can and we will organise from there how best to proceed.

2. How close are the digital images to the originals? 
Very, in fact as close as they can be without being the original itself. All the images of art work are the highest quality digital scans and not photos. This was done to provide the best quality prints.

3. What is Giclee Printing?
Giclee printing is basically ink- jet printing. It is colour fade resistant. It produces the finest quality colour prints when printing from a digital source on various papers and canvas.

4. How will my original/ print on canvas be delivered? 
It will be delivered upon payment to the address given and it comes with a protective plastic wrapping.

5. What are all the different products available? 
Yes, there are quite a few. There are the originals, prints on canvas, limited edition prints, open edition prints, greeting cards and the t- shirts. In- house framing is unavailable at the moment.

6. How is the art priced? 
Jonathan Kluss is an independent artist without agent or gallery, essentially meaning no middle men so the best value is to buy direct from here. The art is then priced by size, theme and quality.

7. Does the artist exhibit publicly? 
Yes, check the News & Blog page for the next public installation, exhibition, fair or show.

8. Can I see an original before I buy? 
Yes of course, contact by email or phone to arrange an appointment.

9. Is the artist on Social Networking sites?
Yes, he is on Facebook and Twitter most days.

10. Is all the printing done by the Giclee process?
Yes- it’s the best quality available. Except for T Shirts though.

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